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"Reshaping the way brands engage and respond to their audience by working and adapting in real-time."


Digital Strategy

We are of the belief that every business can benefit from social marketing and seeding, but in different ways. In order to make the most out of your marketing budget, we first work with your to develop a meaningful strategy that caters you your specific business' strengths.


Social Media

Many of our clients come to us saying, "We are 'doing' social media, but we want to know how to 'do' it better." In order to leverage social media, you must first answer the question, "What is social media?" We will consult you on this so that you can have an understanding of why past efforts have not had the desired results, and why our results are so much better.


Online Marketing

Many people believe that social media is the answer to all of their marketing efforts. The truth is that it is not. The most successful campaigns combine social marketing with integrated online marketing strategy as well as traditional marketing strategies. Read these articles on how we think online marketing is a great companion to social marketing:

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Why Social Media and Paid Search Should Fall in Love and Get Married


A new way to advertise.

"Seeding" is our unique method of marketing and promoting businesses and products through innovative social marketing, networking and creative online advertising.


A vast network of influence.

SEEDING has built a vast, proprietary network of Internet celebrities, influencers, bloggers, site owners, promoters, Twitter and Facebook leaders, and more. Our current network reach spans across millions of viewers.


Clients Case Studies

Hewlitt-Packard Porsche Internet Pawn


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